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Hi all. Ref this last pic the far concrete posts are now out of sight behind containerised large Bamboo plants - have 12 of these spaced out all round the plot - love them.


Lovely garden Keen! You obviously spend a lot of time getting it to look so smart 

I see my name's been taken in vain by that naughty Verd. Never mind turning him into a toad, Dove - when I get this wand sorted - he's toast!!!!



love your garden keen, that sounds like i dont like any one elses but i love looking at all the pictures all your gadens  are a treat thank you

You dont scare me Fairygirl....dont believe you can turn me into a toad....ha ha ha ha, rivet,rivet, rivet


Keen, ever grown SPIGELIA?  Posted this question once but nobody knew of it.  Grew it once but lost it.  Hopefully its beIng located for me.  Lovely and yellow herbaceous plant about 60 cm high.  Touted as hardy but I believe it to be tender.  


Hi Verdun. No I have never grown that but have read of it from my 1930's garden book - Describes it as Maryland Pink-root. -  hardy perennial Herbs -  Spigelia marilandica - red and yellow - summer. I would like later to post ref this plant  names thing - i.e. to the experienced/very experienced all the Botanical names are just used off the top of the head but to the inexperienced/beginners they must sound very daunting at times. I use them myself (as others) automatically and know what I am at but to a beginner they can be very "offputting" - i.e. those that use them are experts and possibly way up top  and unapproachable - not so at all. We all started somewhere and I feel a little guilty here myself spouting all the fancy names and so would like to say that way back in 1957  having married  did after a struggle manage a deposit on our first property, a bungalow built on very rough meadowland - first attempts at gardening came down to three rectangular beds cut in the middle of it all with alternately spaced white Alyssum and Blue Lobelia round their edges with a few scarlet Salvias centering them. Please all you "lookers"  but non posters do not be fright if beginners - ask and we will tell , thats how we all learned. Respects and regards.


Keen 1, Fab garden; very well looked after too

Well said keen


...very nice Keen... I like winding grassy paths.... very much a man's garden I think, like Verdun's it reminds me a bit of that one... that's how it looks to me.... men often seem to keep things so neat and tidy - regimented somewhat,... ladies tend to be more rambling.. confused maybe...often liking quite different types of plants... would you say...??

You got the photos sorted out then... they look like Picasa uploads...

Salino I think men make the best gardens, make the best cooks, drive better, are more intelligent and ........



........I'll get my coat.    ( ha ha ha). 


Verd- you are in soooo much trouble now with us laydeees...

Get back on your lily pad......

I know........I'm very, very sorry.   I really am





No I'm not.....ha ha


Can't be angry with you for long Verdi!

But you're a very naughty boy...


...trouble with Cornishmen is that they do it 'drekly'.... too slow for me...

Fairygirl......I know.......giggle, giggle



Hi. A little mix here. Thanks for the kind comments ref my plot - my site name is very apt - have loved my gardens (3) for all these years and have done as much reading about it all as the actual work. Next ref the Fairygirl Verdun comments I am bearing in mind that I also will have to watch my step with all this "Wandwork" floating about - could not see myself as a Frog at all sitting on Lily Pads all day. Have an interesting story to tell some time of Frogs in my last garden, I saw it and was amazed.         Salino. Interesting your comments but I do not  think really that men make better gardeners than the lassies - perhaps they are more fussy but that would depend on their general over all  outlook I would guess - for myself I have been a soldier and the standards of fussiness (bull) which had to be observed there have stayed with me all my life in all things ( Fairygirls wand would have to be highly polished or whitewashed). Just think some of the best gardeners ever have been gals as we have been talking of two of them recently, Mrs. Fish ( you must read about her), Mrs Chatto and of course Gertrude Jekyll, think also of the lady presenters on TV etc etc - no overall I think it is very much "even stevens" and if you are a gardener you love it regardless.

But, behind every great female gardener there'sma good man...........oops!


I think when I wander about walking the dog that you can see the  old soldiers gardens. All those red salvias in straight lines like bandsmen.

Last saturday, Nottingham hosted the armed forces day, with marches in the centre of the city, representing all the old, current forces, and upcoming cadets.  A magnificent sight, that cannot be equalled in any other country in the world.

Whilst I do not agree with the current situations our armed forces are in,(I'd bring the lot home tomorrow) I admire the dedication of every last one of them.

Every mother or wife  who has a loved one out there, lives on tenterhooks, just waiting for the day when they will be home safe and sound.

My garden has very little in straight ordered lines.  My dad and the other half have the theory that paths are for walking on. I see a wide path as being overflow area for trays and pots. So long as I can get through, whats the problem?

Mr Titchmarsh admits to being a bit OCD. If a leaf falls on his newly mown striped lawn, he has to go out and pick it up. We used to have a neighbour with a bowling green lawn. All us kids used to joke that a weed would never dare to grow in it. It would be pounced on and eradicated at once. Of course, he didn't have kids playing football on it, never lounged on it, and apart from maintenance, only ever looked at it.

We have division of labour in our garden. OH does lawns, hedges(straight lines), and occasional rotovating of veg patch.  I do growing, planting and titivating and weeding.

So yes, Verd, behind every great female there's a good man, but actually, if he wasn't around, we'd manage anyway. Ask Fairygirl.


Nice post fidget.  I stir a bit......but it's just silly old me.  Good luck today