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I am planning my first attempt at creating a full hanging basket - in fact I am a complete beginner at gardening . I live in Edinburgh, so I am worried what palnts I could use for my hanging basket. I would like to create a massive trailing plant hanging basket for my front door - what planst I could use? And what is the secret to a full and lush basket I see in pictures on net? Thanks!


I live in the northeast, so a very similar climate.

I used Bacopa, petunia, lobelia, ivy, nepeta, anagallis, bidens, brachycome,diasica, nemophila, nolana, surfina, verbena, sweetpeas and more.

Take a trip to your local gardencentre and checkout what they have for hanging baskets.

Also buying a 12" wicker basket helps keep costs down, as you only have to fill the top and will look nice as the basket continues to mature.  

Dead-heading and a liquid feed like miracle-grow is advisable. Water at least once a day when dry, sometimes twice if in full sun. 

Oakley Witch

Im in Fife and mine has primula in it at the moment with pansies. Marshmello has summed it all up there 

I got a great plant last year and it was in my baskets for about 5 months. Only problem is...I dont know the name. I called it mouse ears as they are small leaves which, surprise surprise, look like mouse lugs 

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