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My front door only gets about two hours sunshine at the end of the day, but I'd love some really flowery hanging baskets there. Has anyone got any suggestions? I put lobelia there last year which gre great but I wanted bigger flowers if possible.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.



Fuschias, they like shade and Busy Lizzies. I've heard there are ones now that don't get the Busy Lizzie fungus. Bedding begonias (fibrous rooted) are OK in shade. Possibly the big ones are too, not sure.

surfinias - impatiens - make a lovely long lasting show - still have mine in greenhouse thou 



That's great everyone thank you very much. 

The potty gardener

I would agree with Begonias, Fuchsias and Busy Lizzies. Any would make fantastic baskets

Thanks very much for that 

Valley Viv

Definitely trailing fuschias.  They're better with shade for part of the day.

Also your ordinary pansies don't mind shade, especially the paler-coloured ones. Always worth stuffing a wee trailing ivy in there - variagated ones add worthwhile colour.

Pete Chappell

Calibrachea (Million Bells)

Great display and they trail extremely fast full of colour ..


All you need to do is water


Lofos Burgundy Falls, Petunias, sunflowers.


Pete, the original poster hasn't posted since May 2013, but I expect the information will be useful for others.


I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for any perennial plant I can put in a hanging basket in *deep* shade, I want some hanging baskets down the return which gets abolutely no direct sun at any time of the year. Apart from ferns and ivy (which I already plan to use a lot) can anyone else suggest something? I would like something trailing if possible. Many thanks in advance if anyone can give any advice!



Louise I think you may get more response if you start a new thread for this, perhaps you have but I haven't looked yet.

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