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erges and middle of the roads in Btistol are full of daffodils but the Bot. Garden offers something different.  Here is a beautiful red Passion Flower and the flower on one of their species of banana..  Happy Easter everyone.

They look fab. Happy Easter to you to.

Happy Easter to Marion, Moe and all.  I'm just waiting for it to stop raining here in the West Mids so that I can get out and dig a brand new bed.

Happy Easter, everyone, but what is wrong with daffodils?   I have just been walking in the Dymock area of North Gloucestershire especially to see the fields, woods, banks, etc., covered in our native British wild daffodils - such profusion!     And far nicer than many of the botanical daffodils that now grace our verges.


Of course, there is nothing wrong wiyh dafforils - the woodland edge garden in the Bristol bot. Garden is looking glorious with its spread od Narcissus pseudonarciccus mingling with anemones.  But with the great many yellow primroses this spring as well i thought it would make a change to see some of the red flowers around this Easter as well.  Come to think of it I have never seen the flowering quinces look so great.

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