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I've a variety of cuttings taken over the past few weeks of evergreen shrubs, which look ok, and also gooseberry and currant plants which look like dead twigs. 

They've been placed in pots with compost after being dipped with rooting powder but I'm not sure where the best place for them is, a unheated GH or is it a case of putting them in a sheltered spot outdoors and hope they root.

...and what about watering.... I was going to leave them in moist compost and only water if the compost feels dry.   

Pennine Petal
I usually leave mine outside, as we haveno cold frame.

I posted a question on the 9th and got some good answers that might help. 

I'm still not sure where to put them. I don't have a cold frame, would it be the same leaving them in the GH.

I could always take some more cuttings this weekend and put one lot in the GH, the other outside in a sheltered spot.  Haven't used any grit in the compost either would perlite do the same job.



They'll be fine in a cold greenhouse with plenty of light and plenty of ventilation 

The purpose of grit in the compost is to ensure plenty of air and good drainage, so perlite will give a similar result.


A cold frame is much the same as a cold greenhouse except there's no room for a seat and you can't have sunny winter morning coffee in there. A heated greenhouse is very different, always warm enough for the tea break but not so good for the hardwood cutting. 

The GH it is then, with perlite as a mix in the compost and the patience to wait  till the plants root

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