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I love my Geraniums of many colours but, with the sun and rain this year, some are about 2 ft tall and even wider and are completely covering everything in their path.  Is it too late to chop them in half and replant them even though they are coming into bloom? Thanks


I do mine any time I fancy, also I had lots sent to last summer via the Seed Swap thread, they all took well, go ahead, as long as you water them in well they will be fine.

Thanks a lot Lyn.......know what I will be doing tomorrow then!! 


go for it Beck we did some today no probs.

Yep i'm always chopping mine, they go quite mad and hide my deco rocks


How nice when folk know the answer - wish all life was like that!!

They are as tough as old boots, they are native to the UK after all. Just do it.


A few of them are native Sue.

But I agree, most of them are pretty forgiving

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