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this is rozanne.  been flowering for everyone elses's....and will do so until autumn.

nothing small for me in the garden...this is 10' across and 4' plus high.  no weeding here and easy peasy plant



what varieties do you have?

oh dear, doubled up in my haste.  silleeeee me


I have Johnson's Blue which I prefer to Rozanne which gets too leggy and floppy for me.   Then there's Ann Folkard, 3 macrorhizums, Sweet Heidy, Kashmir White, Double Jewel, nodosum and several more for which I no longer have labels and including a very invasive pink one which I'm removing as I work my way round the garden in the big clean up.  You can definitely have too much of a good thing.


..I like the way it's been trimmed to shape there, or appears to have been, to curve around, although it naturally forms that kind of mound...  I do the same with 'Mavis Simpson'... almost as rampant I think... still, a lovely shot with the meandering shingle paths..that's one of the style's of gardening I enjoy very much...

No trimming to shape Salino.  I let it flop and grow.  A grass, calamagrostis Karl Foerster is beginning to rise behind it to support it I guess.  Johnsons blue will not flower so profusely as rozanne or for as long.  Rozanne will look as good or better in September so eeeeeeeeesy! I like to grow big 

Under it loads of bulbs in spring. Behind it too, just emerging next to grass, is an helenium (corny, I know) a yellow/bronze/orange and blue combination soon. Cheap, easy, prolific and effective and low maintenance.

Pictures folks.....that's what this thread is calling for 



My Johnson's Blue has been flowering for months and would have carrie don but I've pulle doff all the flwering stems to let it concentrate on smart new foliage and a new flush of flowers in August/September.

I too planted Rozanne on the corner of a path but it grew so lax that it covered the entire path and then it started swamping its neighbours.   Most of it has now been seen off by a succession of hard winters and then a boisterous hemerocallis swamped what was left after this mild winter.

 i have many geraniums but climate isnt right for them-rozanne blooms for a few weeks before the heat does for it-spring bloomers are better-some-ann folkard for instance- pack it in almost instantly. mavis simpson is a strange one-dies back to a tiny clump every winter then comes back and blooms all summer-here with callirhoe involucrata


Verdun, is that one plant.? is it in full sun?

I ask because I have three very small rozannes, which are just starting to flower, and I really want them to ground cover a shady dry patch...


Hardy geraniums are my number one favourite plant - such good 'doers' and so many different varieties for shade or sun.  Lovely picture Verdun.



 This Rozanne has been flowering for some weeks now - it's a great favourite with the honey bees.   This is a north facing bank so it's doing pretty well. 


Fridgetbones - G. Phaeum is supposed to be good for dry shade.  I purchased a couple this year from a local 'open garden' and was assured they were good for that position.  I will find out next year if that is the case. 

Fidget, yes one plant.  It is good soil there.  It's the one geranium I don't cut back mid summer cos it simply flowers and flowers.  Also, I likei it sprawling onto the path there.  Ann folkard is another vigorous geranium for me but I do retrain this a little with mid season chop.

(I'm hoping to see others' geraniums too.  I have several but could  be tempted folks  )

Its not until you grow them do you learn how to grow them.....some prefer dry and some a little moisture. Some sun some shade.  Some with good humous content soe not. 

Forester2 wrote (see)

Fridgetbones - G. Phaeum is supposed to be good for dry shade.  I purchased a couple this year from a local 'open garden' and was assured they were good for that position.  I will find out next year if that is the case. 

I've got Phaeum in the driest part of the Shady Bank, under the biggest ash tree - it seems very happy there and is self-seeding, so if anyone wants me to send them a few little ones send me a PM.


I've just trimmed all mine so no photos.  Sorry.

Geranium phaeum is a bit of a thug here but that's OK as I have plenty of shady spots that need ground cover, it's easy to control and the bees just love the flowers.


Salino much as I like 'Rozanne' in the ground, it grows too big for my garden, as we see in the lovely photo of Verdun's above... so I divided mine up and now grow in containers, where I plant the pot at the base of viticella Clematis so that it grows up to cover the bare few feet of stems...  I put the container in place after the Clematis has thrown up all its new shoots for the season... by end of June the Geranium has climbed 3 foot or so up the stems.... this plant was a Spring planted division...



'Russell Prichard'... I wish this would grow better for me.. I do find it a tricky, fussy customer... I've lost any number in the past...


I'm very fond of this Geranium 'Cambridge'... it flowers mid-May to mid-July, coinciding with the main rose season, so I use it as underplanting..

 ..Geranium 'Patricia'... one of my favourites.. a Psilostemon type, but I think it flowers for much longer... it will flop but I don't mind that with these...


..I suppose I should apologise to Verdun for daring to expose roses on his knowing how much he loves them of course...

kathy 6

Wow Verdun that's a fabulous plant I've just bought 'Rozanne' and was just looking for pictures of how big it gets, lovely, anyone recommend  any  good  doubles?  I  have quite a few geraniums and last year a friend sent me a piece of a purple double, no senior moment the names gone, love it  and on the lookout for more.

Gorgeous geraniums everyone 

Salino .roses and geraniums were meant to be together 

Hiya Kathy.

i grow a nice double white.....think its Double Jewel off hand.  Will get back to you if wrong. Your purple?  Was it violaceum plenum?  got Summer Skies which is double but goes over a little early for my liking. Had a couple of other doubles but didnt rate them.

got Elke Kathy?  And Tanya Rendell with chocolate foliage?

kathy 6

Hi Verdun, thankyou the white Double Jewel would be perfect just googled it the spot I'm thinking is near to a black elder so perfect, on my to look for list 

I don't have Elke no or Tanya Rendell, do have Midnight Reiter taken a couple of years to get going but great this year, also bought Hocus Pocus a few weeks ago.

Also have Splish Splash, and a seed grown Splish Splash that came out all Splish and no Splash but still lovely 


Midnight Reiter

 The Phaems are lovely aren't they I was sent mixed seed on a swap shop years ago and there were quite a few different colours, love this one