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My hardy geraniums have grown a couple of feet in height and becoming scraggly. Can I cut them down  and if so how much ?           Also would they  Bush up and flower again this year  . Can anyone please tell me .

Thank you in advance .

Yes to both really. They like a good haircut and you'll get a small show afterwards.

Heather D

I used to have lots of these in my UK garden and every year after their first flowering when they looked a little straggly chopped them back to about 5 or 6 inches and they flowered again in just a few weeks

Shrinking Violet

Usually cutting them back will, as previous posters have said, allow a second flush of flowers.  However, I have found that Johnson's Blue does not flower a second time.  Shame - it is a glorious addition to the border.  However, it, like other geraniums, will leaf up again, making decent mounds of lovely soft foliage, even if there are no further flowers.


I take some back to the ground after flowering if I don't want the seeds. But not all. G macrorrhizum I leave as it doesn't doesn't go tatty, G renardii the dame. But phaeum and pratense get the big chop

If I get round to it

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