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I've just been catching up on gardeners world & I saw a Schefflera Impressa (hardy umbrella tree). I like the look of this & wonder if anybody has any experience of them. I just did a quick search & can't find any for sale online , so I'm assuming that means it'll cost an arm & a leg?
Looks a lively plant, great foliage, but just bumping thread up as I dint know anything about it sorry. Hope someone can get back to you.

Are they really hardy or just hardy in a sheltered corner in the far south west with a nice warm wall behind them?


Thanks Blairs,
Duchy site only has
I know even less about that variety- but price isn't extortionate.
Nutcutlet, you may be onto something. The variety sold by duchy of Cornwall are not what I would call hardy.

Don't let me put you off Gothic, I know nothing about them. I just wondered re their hardiness


Schefflera rhododendrifolia is impressa.

There is a blog in the UK about hardy scheffies:

Nice one blairs- looks like you've cracked it.
I may be spending again!
flowering rose

I have one which I put out in summer and put inside with out heating and water once a month.

Thank you Rose,
So not really hardy then? I have a sheltered spot for it - not worth risking it in your opinion?

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