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I have two lovely healthy and well-grown native hazel bushes in pots surplus to requirements - Nutcutlet very kindly gave me three, but due to a re-jig of  garden plans and more room needed for vegetables, I can only plant one.

She said that in the first instance I should try to find them a good home - if no one wants them I'll take them back to her.

I'm willing to meet up with gardeners in Norfolk or North Suffolk who would like to give them a happy home. 

Anyone interested?

Jim Macd

Don't forget Dove, you will need two for pollination, have you already got another or another near by? There's nothing to stop you planting them very close together to make a good sized clump like you would with herbaceous plants.


Hi Jim   There's a wildlife hedge with lots of hazel in the next garden 



Good to know the squirrels will get fed

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