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Hi folks

whats the average lifespan of a heather?

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have some that were planted in 1999, which still give me a good show. I tend to neglect them, although I have sheared them probably 3 times in that period. Sorry, don't know the name as I inherited them with the house.


hers will last you years if you look after them. Trim them back after flowering but only to the new green growth, much with an ericaceous compost and watch them flower year after year.

I planted some for my mum 20 years ago and they are still going strong.

Nick I have a couple of beds of heathers that must be 30 years old.  They are the winter flowering carnea type flower right now.....and are trimmed reasonably hard every spring.  Excellent value plants giving evergreen foliage, lots of flowers over winter and suppress weeds.

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