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Hi folks

I'm currently in the UK for a family funeral. At my Mum's house is my Hebe gauntletti that I planted in my teens.  I wanted to take some cuttings from it to take back to Ireland with me.  I was just wandering how to do it.

Can they be rooted in water or should I do it with rooting powder and soil?

Will the cuttings be alright wrapped in wet tissue in a plastic bag for 36 hours while I travel back?

Hebe's are usually straightforward.  Try taking several large(ish) semi ripe cuttings, wrap in wet tissue, etc.  When you get home trim them just below a leaf node, use rooting powder, if fresh and push into soil.   Good luck, 36 hours is a long time but its well worth a try!


I normally root them in water. I think a wet tissue in a bag works fine - have used that coming back from holiday many a time!

Thanks.  Why must the rooting powder be fresh?

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