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Nadger the badger
I have a gap at the end of my pyracantha hedge that needs filling Could add another pyracantha but would prefer something that flowers ,with thorns for security, and is fast growing Soil is heavy clay Any suggestions? Nadger the badger.

I'm puzzled - pyracantha flowers, usually produces berries and has ferocious thorns - there are not a lot of hedging shrubs better than that for security 


My thoughts too Dove. Just stick another one in Nadger! 

Jim Macd

There's a list as long as your arm for roses. Classic roses has a very useful website that allows you to choose the qualities you want. Colour of hips, shape of flower, colour of flower....



Mahonia flowers at this time of year and is thorny - it may however be a bit too different in structure from your pyracantha hedge.  

Nadger the badger
Thanks for the advice everyone
Will check out the classic roses site
Badger the badger

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