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How do I encourage hedging to stay thick at the base? I'm thinking of laurels particularly.

Seem to have had a disaster with photinia which I bought to use as a hedging plant but it's too airy and wants to be a tree, I think!

Might get some screening and start from scratch!!!

With Laurel, don't be afraid to keep it cut, you can't harm it.
As soon as you plant them, about 18 to 24 inches apart for a thick hedge, pick out the tops of all the shoots, that will encourage growth from bottom.
Keep them picked out until the growth is filling out from the bottom, then let them grow up a bit. If they start to become leggy, cut them down a few inches, they will start to thicken up again.
You can keep them in leaf right down to ground level.

Thank you, Lyn. The ones I had were behind large hebes and didn't flourish at the base- will trimming their tops still do the job?

Yes, trim them down, if you cut them almost to the ground they will thicken, you can't kill them , they will grow about 1 to 2 feet in a year.


Catnip,try to get a narrowing shape, viz., wider at the base than at the top even if it is only slight difference. ;this will encourage growth at the base.

I love this forum! People are so helpful! Thank you.

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