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I thought you might like to see my Hellebore. I went into the garden this morning and there it was looking just beautiful in the morning sunshine.

 Just what you need to see on a winters day.

Shropshire Lass

How lovely! Helebores are the first to make an appearance in my garden and I love them so much I have many different varieties - but none like this one!


Snapped two of mine this morning.


just brill cant wait to get out there

Emma Crawforth

Hello hellebore fans,

you're just at the right time to have a go at breeding some new hellebores, so why not have a look at our project and have a go!

Emma team


I love my hellebores too. A special one was a gift from my son shortly before he died, his favourite he said. I have given seedlings from it  to other family members for them to cherish.

From Lupin

HI everyone

Have been considering planting some hellibores as I see they can grow in shade - do you think they would grow in dry shade eg under laurels? my garden centre had a lot for sale today so was very tempted......


Some beauties at the Bristol Botanic



Garden yesterday so snapped them for you to see.


Happymarion they are just lovely. My Hellebores haven't been in long, I have got one growing in a pot in the back garden, it is full of buds so I'm just waiting for them to open and then I will photograph them. They are so beautiful and delicate.


Ive looked in my garden centre and cant find Hellebores at all.  Are they out yet? I wanted one for the bees as a larder in those coming out of hibernation months.


Thank you.

Problem with garden centres is that they often don't display them till they're in flower. Have you had a look on the net? RHS plant finder can be very helpful.
Prob won't find hellebores in garden centres yet. Best to wait til they are in flower before you buy CIA. My hellebores have been flowering for weeks but their time is December to April, doubles and singles from white to pink to red to purple n black. For dry shade make sure you put plenty compost in soil, ideally mushroom compost as they like lime. Keep well watered for first summer? They are greedy plants. Mine grow in sun too but soil is very good. Beware, they are addictive

@christopher.. so right.. i am addicted to them after being given some few years back.. my woodland garden is full of them.. but not in flower yet.. still to warm here i think..


Thank you very much guys, much appreciated.

Yes gardeningfantic, hellebores are addictive but then I'm getting that way with lots of p.ants now...salvias, agastaches, astrantias, are lucky to have a woodland garden....mine is full sun and I try to create shade pockets. All of it is good to relieve stress of everyday life though. Even the winter, for gardeners, shows signs of spring..back to hellebores again when their buds start to emerge from the ground in December



@christopher2.. me too. your list is same as some of mine.. thou dont like salvias they too smelly.. hate it.. agastaches just sowed some seeds for htem i was given.. dont know if right time.. the globetrotter ones i think they are.. i would like to get some of the liquorice ones too..

on your astrantias.. have you grown any form seed?.. i ask because i sown some last year when Carol Klein did.. and i only got one up.. i have grown echinaceas again this year.. want more inthe garden.. and i also love penstemons.. lots of them also..

Ashamed to confess I don't have patience for too much seed sowing of flowers. Cuttings because they are quick. I grow agastaches black adder, sangria. Summer love and raspberry something. All are great for vertical colour. Salvia elegans is the pineapple sage and the leaves smell strongly of pineapple. But you can't beat the intense blue flowers on salvia patens and they flower for so long. Not grown astrantias from seed but you you can split them. Just got astrantia Jumble Hole's a fantastic white flower with green. It was one of the stars at chelsea this year

@christopher2... thanks for that info.. i will try cuttings.. they are much faster.. but i never always kow when to take them.. i assume when they are in full shooting or growing mode is when i do most of mine or when i am dead heading..and for splitting my astrantias.. i assume it is just same as splitting primulas and many otehr plants.. i will give that a go.. never thought of that with them

To be safe I split plants I am unsure of by taking smaller pieces only until I know exactly,how well they will do. Always though with bit of the soil ball. It means your stock plant is still pretty much intact. When confident you can grow in 3's and 5's then for impact. You can do soon or wait until spring. Don't split plants in full bloom of course but when they are becoming or are dormant. Here in Cornwall we are experiencing gorgeous weather with the promise of even better to come over next few days ..same with you?

yeah..very hot was 23 yesterday here and getting hotter.. i had to hose the garden last night as everything is drooping.. and the lawn almost all brown now.. except in the shaded garden it still hanging in there. we have not had rain since 2 august and that was not much.. and some weeks before that when had it last.  butts are empty now and getting desperate over here.