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Morning all (on this snowy bitter spring morning!!!) I have been given a hellebore and it is an evergreen compact bush type with pinky white flowers. I have recently seen all different types on tv and Internet. The plants seem pretty costly in the garden centre and I have looked on ebay for young plants. Has anyone got any varieties of evergreen compacts that they would advise. Also anyone seen then at a decent price in the notts/LINCS area. Has anyone grown from seed, are they easy, do they take an age to mature?? I'm looking to bulk out the garden with winter interest this year as I only have one hellebore and some euonemous!!!!

All the oriental type hellebores are lovely, come in a wide variety of colours and are pretty easy to grow. You can grow them easily from seed although they do take a few years to perform. I agree that if you buy them in flower they are expensive although you can often buy trays of 6 as small plants that will flower within a couple of years

The potty gardener

You will soon get the bug and want more and more.

I got some a couple of weeks back from Ideal world- the tv shopping channel. They are doing a deal £19.99 + £5 p+p for 18 plants. They are not too small and two of mine already were in flower. Item number 274282. You can order them from the ideal world site on the internet.

They arrived folded in half but unfolded themselves within 24 hours. I have shown pic of 9 of the plants once potted up and the two which were in flower. 





Gardening Grandma

I bought six for £1.99 each at Home Bargains. They were outside, so were hardened off and some were in flower. They all seem to be white. I planted them before the cold snap and they are all doing fine. Not the same as buying anamed cultivar but a cheap way of stocking the garden.

I must be mad.......mad I tell you! I've just ordered yet another hellebore. Single dusky grape and it's in flower.
Can't help it
Im not sure of exact spot yet but it will prob be near a fantastic double yellow with red flecks that I have.


Gardening Grandma

It is your fault I now covet Hellebores, Verdun!! You have written about them so lyrically that I now have a vision of my spring garden filled with them, interpersed with miniature daffodils, expecially tete a tete. But it means acquiring so many that buying named ones seems too extravagant. I have a few lovely big ones that do look fabulous but most of mine are young. Planting seeds seems to be a long-term strategy, since they don't seem to flower for about four years, but I might have a go, collecting and planting seed when it is fresh.

I have to say they are very addictive! I bought one last year at RHS Gardens Wisley for ??17.00 rip off I know but I had only just discovered them, since I have bought three packs of seeds, does anyone know when you're meant to sow them and how? The company I ordered them from didn't sent me any growing instructions

Hi Red, i posted a question on hellebore's from seeds last year and was advised that germination can be slow, (thanks alina and robot), nothing had happened for a couple of months? So i tucked the trays away, and 10 months on i have about 40 small seedlings appearing, only another two or three years until the first flowers, I suppose the question is do you want to wait this long,

When you grow hellebores for ouple of years or so you will ind seedlings cropping up. They make good size plants quite quickly.
The wisdom is not to disturb hellebores but I have successfully chopped pieces off ...even when in flower...and they have grown well. Perhaps the "secret" is to ensure the planting hole is generously enriched with compost, manure, mushroom compost etc and in a bed of good soil
Ha ha brumbull
Thanks all. GG which home bargains and when did you get them. Wonder if its worth a trip to the nearest at Grantham to see if they have them! Seems hellebores are loved!! I saw a gorgeous one today at downtown grantham but it was ??14, too expensive for me on a budget
Woodgreen wonderboy

A good way of buying them economically is to get them as the garden centres/nurseries think about taking them off the shelves as they have finished flowering. They may lower the price to get rid, or you could haggle over price since why would they want the bother of looking after them for another 9 months when you would pay to take them home?? Only downside for you is a short wait.


I find I get loads of seedlings off mine...leave them in situ for a couple of tears them dot them round the place. My garden's sort of in two halves, one side gets mostly full sun, the other is much more shady, and there are a couple of areas that are in semi shade. I've noticed that those on the shadier side do much better that I'm thinking of a mass evacuation of the not-doing-so -well ones in the semi shade into a more hospitable area. 

If the weather gets above freezing before next November that is!

I bought three today at my local garden centre today and even though they're about to start flowering (in a few weeks it looks like), they only cost me £2.50 each, I couldn't believe my eyes! I payed £17.00 for my first one

Woodgreen wonderboy

I try to buy them when they are in flower as I like the speckled ones and find the plain ones very boring in comparison.


I just bough one from b&q 2 litre pot. Variegated leaf and called winter moonbeam. It's a dusky pink/purple. I paid 9.98 but its a beauty! I couldn't resist as everyone is so fired up about these plants!

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