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Haha Verdun, I've certainly taken to them, since all the hype on here recently. Can't wait to start planting and thankyou for your tips, I was just about to create a thread on how to look after them

And 40 Hellebores?! Thats loads! Is that because they self seed or because you bought that many?


Is there something other than fish blood and bone fertilizer thats good for Hellebores.  The reason I ask is that I think it attracts vermin into the gasrden, you know the ones.. four legged ones that poo everywhere.  I think the smell must attract them.

No Ryan I buy them. Try to stop them seeding cos they spoil my plants.
Ryan, I don't know why but you seem to create a happy buzz when you post here. You make me even more enthusiastic. That's great thanks
Sterelitza I know exactly what you mean. I've thought of that too. Mushroom compost is brilliant for hellebores. Calcified seaweed too....I would mix both together.
Hey Brumbull I heard that......those hellebores are mine. Mine I tell you
The potty gardener

Brumbull-pleased you have seen the beauty of the hellebore. Let us know which you get. I saw some reduced at the Range yesterday-with beautiful white flowers- I resisted but have been thinking about them all night!

Love your idea of spending as much on the hole as the plant Verdun.

I'm new to this posting business, but as I am a lover of Hellebores I just wanted to say thank you Verdun for the feeding advice. I have about 20 or so plus lots of seedlings, and I want them to look even better next year.



i'm confused.  Why would the seedlings spoil your plants?

Seedlings germinating and growing In amongst the parent plant spoil it by throwing in the seedling colour. So I make sure any seedlings are potted up early
The potty gardener

Waiting for a delivery from Harvington which should arrive today or tomorrow. Plugs which will need tlc - excited

Hiya Bev
I know the varieties on offer....exciting all of them. I resisted cos I have so many but was tempted by the double green. I wonder if the colour is that dark though.
I can't be, mustn't be, tempted,by any more hellebores.....I have so many.
Will you pot,on Imto J Innes or mpc?
The potty gardener

I was going to pot in mpc then put pots into a trough and mulch with manure but not on the hellebore- does that sound ok to you Verdun?

I am interested to see how vibrent the double green is. Saw one at GC today which was green but a dull green. Roll on next winter lol

Hiya Bev

Why pots into a trough though?  This summer would be just about growth for those plugs.  Think I would put in 1litre pots and leave in partial shade.  They prob won't flower until 2015.  Mpc ok but I would use J Innes next spring.   Manure when they are  bigger I think

Those greens at GC are bit iffish.  Hopefully yours will be the colour as shown  on harvington site

David Matthews2

Delighted to catch this 'thread' with so much worthwhile advice on hellebore care & feeding - my dozen or so plants have been blooming for nigh on three months now; due in no small part to the sheltered coastal West Wales setting and the much-applauded efforts of my chainsaw-wielding son having removed several overpowering fir trees from the south side of the terrace garden plot that was gradually turning into jungle these past twenty years!

The potty gardener

Evening Verdun- I was going to put them in 3" pots, but do you think they should go stright into 1 litre. I was going to sink these in a trough just to make it look tidier. Can I spray with seaweed or should I wait 'till they are bigger? Thank you for all your help.


I think 9 cm pots will be much too small for these plugs.  They will be strong deep rooted plants and I would put them in at least 1 litre pots, possibly larger.  

They should be in partial shade and left.....kept moist...undisturbed.  If growth is vigorous say in mid summer a seaweed spray would do no harm but the aim is to get good growth and not to think of any flowers for a year or two

Good luck fellow addict!

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