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I seem to remember that I am meant to feed my hellebores.  Does anyone know when is the best time to do it, and what feed is best to use?  Thanks

After flowering remove the flowered stems then feed and mulch as generously as you can.
.....and I use fish blood and bone but any balanced fertiliser scratched in well

Thanks Verdun - I knew you were the expert, and was hoping you would read my post !

When you say mulch, will garden compost do?


I would have thought garden compost would be an excellent choice. Some of mine have looked a bit lacklustre this year, so will try giving them a bit of tlc.


Chicky, yes that's fine but I prefer dried manure. Hellebores are one of those plants that repay good feeding with good flowers. The rain over past months has prob leached all the nutrients so need topping up. I spray twice a year too with seaweed spray...mid spring and late summer os I think seaweed is fantastic tonic for plants
The potty gardener

Thanks Verdun- I didn't know when to feed mine. Think I generally just do them with a liquid feed once or twice a week when I do everything else. Last summer I don't think anything got much feed as it rained so much. I'll give seaweed spray this year.

Bev, I do feel seaweed spray is worth it. Not sure but I think it also has a deterrent effect on some pests and diseases
The potty gardener

I know this isn't the thread but I can't find which it was. I went ahead and ordered 18 Hellebore from Ideal World for £20 + £5 P+P.

They arrived Saturday and must say I am pleased with them considering cost. They were folded to fit in the box but have straightened out in 24 hours. Two were blooming, Beautiful flowers even if not something special like from specialist nurseries.



Bev, they look very good. And excellent price. You can't lose on that deal

Brilliant Q & A's thanks to you all. Having neglected my hellebores for a few years I'm suprised that they have given such a good show. Just re-potting last years plantlets and expecting more to pass on to our gardening group.



Hi everyone and I am so glad to find this thread.  I planted several hellebores outside a few years ago - some red and some white ones.  Only the white ones have survived and this year only one of those has bloomed and this is the one that is near a stone wall with perhaps drier soil around it.  Can anyone please let me know why I have lost the red ones, can it be where they were planted? Thanks.

I've only grown red hellebores and they are in pots - small garden - so move them around out of the east wind and shelter in shade for summer. They seed in the ground or the pot so plant up when I see two or three small leaves. To be honest I ignore mine and am always suprised when they continue to flower - hence the near panic to realise that I have't been feeding them. Will do so today - add to list. Local garden shop has all white helebores for sale - will enquire their secret of success.


Thanks cilmeri, I must feed mine as well.  I will have a go at planting the little plantlets as I really love hellebores.  One real survivor in my garden is the bergena which is one of the first to bloom amongst the daffs and crocus.  Good luck with the white hellebores.

I think dry soil is a big no no for hellebores sterelitza so I'm surprised the one that survived best was pparently in driest spot.
Is your soil acid? ,hellebores like some lime. They are greedy...very an annual feed n mulch is essential for good flowers. They like a good humousy soil.
I remove all spent flowers asap and thats when I I feed etc. I remove all leaves in November to enable me to see flower buds emerging in late December and to see flowers without too much foliage.
I grow some 40 odd hellebores now and that's my regime



Thanks fior your advice Verdun, with 40 odd hellebores in your garden I am green with envy!!  I think the plants I have growing near my hellebores have been greedy too so a feeding regime is to start as soon as the weather warms up.  The ground here is frozen.  Can one feed when the ground is frozen?  Also which is the best type of feed, granules or liquid.  I have been sprinkling multi purpose feed granules throughout the borders last autumn which may be the reason my daffs look so good this year.  

I wouldn't feed if ground is frozen.
One or two hellebores are now going over so I will remove flowering stems, sprinkle fish blood n bone around and mulch with dried manure. However, no frost here and ground is not frozen but in your case, sterelitza, wait just a little while for temp to rise just a little

Hi to all garden plotters. Delighted to find this thread and all the advice. Mine have done really well despite being overlooked in terms of feeding for a few years so am really looking forward to the display I will have next year after the tlc you have suggested, but being on the east coast in the teeth of this wretched wind, which is now drying out the top to a hard crust, I may wait a few more days! Many thanks.

I've just bought the same offer as Bev - 18 for £19.99 + £4.99 p&p, can't wait to see what they look like

Hey, everybody's becoming a helleborholic.
Bev's hellebore picture looks good....don't have that in my collection so I will be around in the middle of the night to grab it.
Ryan, dont forget....the old garden motto.....spend as much on the hole as the plant (or did I just make that up?). The more goodness you can put into plantIng hole the better your hellebore will be.
Just planted hellebore this morning and plenty of dried manure, compost and fish blood n bone was used. And, even though it's cold, I watered it in really well. Will mulch in a few days when it's all settled too