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Thanks Sue - good piece.  Love the picture of the green one fringed with red edges.  Mine are all showing fat flower buds at the moment ....... The excitement is mounting 

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes 


Thanks for the article SwissSue 

One of mine is flowering  

Think I may have to get some more, and at £2.50 for ready to plant flowering helibores I don't think I can turn them down 

Orchid Lady
Where are they Panda? There are some on offer this month through GW, I was unsure what to do but may have to get one (or two??) now....oops!!!



They are miles away from you unfortunately Tracey  they are being sold on the plant stall at my local market (in Essex). I get quite a lot of my plants there as I don't drive and I can take them home on the bus, not to mention the fact that they are very good value for money 


Mine are still hiding their heads in the dirt!

Orchid Lady
Thanks panda, just a but far yes, I thought maybe you had seen them online. Might have to go with the GW offer.

  They're gorgeous.  I was sold a H. lividus as hardy ........ it wasn't 


I recently bought some from Lidl, £3.99 I have had plants from Lidl before and they have always been very good.


Just done some more leaf removing of ours,.................third day of doing it and got about a third of them done. Some of them have over 50 leaf stalks on them, all needing removing.

I must have missed seed removing as well, there are hundreds of seedlings around, they need weeding out.


Pot some of them up Berghill - you might get something lovely 


At the moment in the Shade house waiting to flower before composting or planting or selling, there are over 300 Hellebore hybrids, even we do not have room for more!

Got some beauties well on the move now ......


Mine are looking gorgeous Verdun, I've got orientalis Mrs Betty Ranicar covered in blooms and orientalis Tutu the same.  H. niger Christmas Carol is blooming well and niger Snow Love has loads of fat buds just waiting to burst 

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