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I bought a new hellebore today by accident. The question is can you divide them, because it's a new variety and I'd like a bed full of them and I know it may not come true to form from seed.


You can. It is normally done in Autumn. For some reason that is when Hellebores form new roots.

Lisa,,don't divide it.  Let it grow on ...they don't really like being divided amyway but I do divide them.  

Plant it with as much goodness including mushroom compost as possible amd encourage it to thrive before dividing it a few years down the line.  A mulch of mushroom compost is a good idea


I love that Lisa-  I bought a new hellebore 'by accident'....

You really meant to get bread and milk didn't you? 


Let it seed whatever else you do Lisa. You might get something even better


lisa massey wrote (see)

I bought a new hellebore today by accident. .........

She's one of us 


She is Dove.

I have a PS to add

I wouldn't be hacking into anything I'd paid real money for in the first year

I'll leave it alone, I promise. I did just pop into the G/C for some yellow rattle seed and you know what it's like, I just had a look around and there was this lovely new hellebore with lovely big round lobed leaves and massive upturned flowers on 18" long stalks, I'm quite shocked that I only came home with one.


and where is the photo

I cant send a photo, I've taken them, got them into my puter, pressed the little picture icon in the toolbar above where, got to the point where it says save, press save but nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?


tree icon, pick photo, upload,wait until it finishes uploading (may take some time) and then save. You then press submit.


can be a lot of time,especially for a large file. I reduce mine or it takes forever. I don't know what a megabyte is but I get the photos down to 1MB.


Left it all night to load, the photo has gone from the file but has not appeared on here. I give up. It's called penny's pink, it stands about 2' high in it's pot and the flowers are a open cup form. The top 6" of the stalk branch so that there can be as many as 8 flowers to a stalk, and the flowers are held in a more upturned position than the orientalis generally is. The plant has quite an open structure to it giving it a sense of movement. The leaves are the typical 5 lobed, but rather than the spear shaped of the orientalis , each lobe is spoon shaped with a point and more pronounce serrations, they are dark green with pale green colouring of the veins and dark red stems.


I suppose it is all down to what question one answers. I answered the one asked, which was .'Can one' . The answer is Yes, but if the question had been "Should I?" then I would have said no, not until it is a lot bigger.

There is a difference.


Hello again, just done some nebbing and if you put in helleborus pennys pink into the site finding bit when you first fire up the internerd it brings up a whole gallery of pictures.

thankyou Berghill, I'm going to leave it for a couple of years to get well established, I'm building a new Japenese inspired garden around the back and theres a bed that is in shade so hopefully it will be happy there and if it looks lonely I'll just have to go buy it a friend.

Steady on Lisa.  Impressive stuff