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Just spent the morning cutting off the tired stems of the Hellebore hybrids. Only filled 5 wheelbarrows so far and there are a LOT more plants to do yet. There are lots of really well developed buds on them and a fair number of open flowers.

Trouble is my hands are really suffering from Arthritis  and they do not like the secateurs. Needs doing though.


Mine need doing too Berghill. I also noticed some buds before Christmas & like to get the leaves off asap. Got lots of bulbs starting to show around a lot of my plants so cant leave it much longer.

Waterproof trousers will be worn. Although not actually raining today- wow- everywhere is soaking wet. J.


Lovely out there today, only de-leafed one hellebore, still rather a long way to go there and the flowering stems are much taller than usual for beginning of Jan. But I did move a shrub that I should have moved last year but it was too dry. Potted up a few cyclamen coum babies and pruned the viticellas. Might get a bit more done this pm but the days stop a bit soon in Jan

flowering rose

I spent the day clipping my sons rosemary bushes and tiding his garden,and sweeping up leafs off the pavement and those blocking the gutter,silly ,but enjoyed that and my son treated me to  a meal in the pub,worth it!

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