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I'm new to forum, and to gardening, so please be excuse my ignorance.

We have just moved to a new home, and it has a lovely garden.  I would like to keep it that way, so I'm going to need to learn fast.  I know nothing about caring for gardens, but I do want to learn. 

I have an ancient gardening book which is helping me to ID some of the plants.  If I can find the names, I can trawl the internet to find out how to care for them.  There are some that aren't in my book, and I need help to ID them.  I've tried plant ID resources on the web, but it's very hit and miss. 

This is the first one I'm struggling with.  Please could someone tell me what it is?

 Thank you



Phuopsis stylosa. Interesting smell from this even in winter, I like it. 


Sorry, rude of me. Hello Caroline 

Warm welcome Caroline.  Nice to have you with us


Thank you very much for the ID, and for the lovely welcome.

I've ordered myself some new books, so hopefully, I won't keep hassling you for IDs.  I can't make the same promise about repeated pleas for advice though

It's such a lovely little garden, I don't want to let it down. 



The potty gardener

We love to see pics of other peoples gardens and plants on here Caroline. No one ever minds helping with whatever. I am waiting for the day I can help someone ID something.....but if I do know it then at least 4 other people have given its name first


There are a certain number of us (and I'm one of them) that love the challenge of a plant ID


Hello Caroline CB. Ask away, I don't know as much as some on the forum but love the challenge.


Hello Caroline and welcome Ask away; ther will always be someone who knows


Hi Caroline and welcome,there is a wealth of knowledge on this site,I have learnt so much

Thanks so much for such a warm welcome

Well, I'll be taking you up on your kind offer of assistance with identification.  I was watching a Time Travellers Guide tonight.  Quite by chance, I caught a gimpse of a plant called Sweet Woodruff.   I'm gutted, because I'm pretty certain that this evening, I pulled up a whole load of it thinking it was cleavers.  If only I'd have waited for my books, or posted a pic here.  I'm sure I didn't manage to clear it all, so I'll take a pic tomorrow and get confirmation.

No more pulling anything up until I know for sure what it is.  What an idiot


Hi CarolineCB, welcome and nice to meet you 


Caroline, we all make mistakes like that


Caroline you won't have pulled up woodruff. Elimination of woodruff is a major job. It's lovely though, I wouldn't be without it.

what you pulled up was most likely cleavers, if your hands and arms were red and sore when you got in the shower that was cleavers. it sprawls all over other plants, woodruffis a low grower.


It's nice to meet you too, Paula

OK - do I hang my head in shame for ripping out woodruff?  Or, can I celebrate clearing out the cleavers (although not all of them, as the pic clearly shows);





that looks like woodruff. I wonder if you pulled cleavers off the top of it which is what I have to do most years. 


Hi  Caroline CB.  Not sure about woodruff but it definately not cleavers.  Cleavers is the stuff that sticks to you. 

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