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I am new to all this but loving it and am busy building my collection of climbers around the perimeter fence of my rather dull, large, square (new build) back garden. Nominations please.....I have north east and south facing fences and clay soil. Thank you!


Like the name clem 


Welcome clem

On a shady wall or fence Nellie moser is very good.  What climbers do you already have Clem?  Scent Important?  I have a nice variegated jasmine.  I also have 2 different honeysuckles over an, perhaps 2 or 3 different honeysuckles for differing colour and scent?  How much fence do yOu have left to cover?

Hello verdun already have a baby Nellie moser, a Josephine, a Remembrance and a honeysuckle. Have 12 metres x 3 sides to fill.....don't want ivy....but keep looking at golden will just go mad though won't it?...scent important for south facing fence as just finished new patio...thanks!

Zephyrine drou ine....the thornless rose.  Lomg flowering,masses of flowers and wow of a scent.


Hi Clem, whatever climbers you chose it would be good to have a range of flowering seasons. I'm looking at Akebia quinata (Chocolate Vine) for a partially shady wall. If I had room and a sunny wall I'd also grow Actinidia Kolomikta. I pass a house with one and the pink/green leaves in summer look fab!


Hello Clem. A blank canvas will be fun to fill.

Ooh thanks everyone! Another trip to GC and then David Austin is on the cards - what a shame....whilst I am here, I have a beautiful Munstead Wood rose in my one bed at the moment. Huge number of blooms, planted last Sept but is now a very low flat shrub such that blooms are all hanging downwards if that makes sense. Is this a pruning issue? have not pruned at all yet


The climbing hydrangea - 'petiolaris' will do on your north east fence Clem (although I do always think it's more suited to walls) and it's self clinging. Evergreen and creamy white flowers. Good for birds etc. too.

Hi. Not up on climbers but wanted to say welcome.

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