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Last autumn I planted a Japaneses maple, Acer Palmatum 'Shaina' in my alkaline soil in a shady spot.  The label on the plant from the nursery said it was suitable for all types of soil.

I was just following up on maintenance advice on the Shoot Gardening website, and it says plant in acid soil.

I'm panicking now - do I dig it up and pot it in acid soil?  Or will the fact that it's still alive and budding mean it will be okay?  Perhaps I should fertilise it with ericaceous compost and hope for the best?

Thanks for any advice!


It is wrong advice based on that in nature they are found in dappled sun in woodlands. They like any loose compost, so any from the garden centre, with a mulch and feed and they will be fine.


I've never planted any of my acers in acid compost and I have quite a collection - always multi-purpose but never in that cheap woody rubbish. Humax I use.


I have mine in garden soil and give it a top dressing of ericaceous compost in spring and then in late September. And the odd feed of ericaceous plant food - (don't always remember

I prefer ericaceous soil but as long as its not too alkaline acers will be fine.
I agree with Blair and rosa about mulching.
Shelter from strong cold winds and hot sunshine are more important considerations.
Dry thin soil is not suitable.
Dont dig up your plant Lindsay


Wonderful, thanks everyone, what a relief! I'll give it a dressing with some ericaceous compost tomorrow.

Can I plant my acre in ericatias soil

i moved 2 of my acers from a position of midday onwards sun as the leaves were becoming quite scorched to a position next to my shed in practically full shade and guess what? even as late as the 3rd week in september i have new buds breaking out into leaf ! It will be interesting to see what happens next spring !

Yes Voni, you can plant acers in ericaceous soil . It will be fine 

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