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can anyone tell me what is the best kind of fig tree to buy for a wettish ,mild climate here in west Wales,i find the garden centers tend to not know much about them , my ex neighbour in Nottingham had a cracker full of fruit but,is no longer there, anybody got a name of a good one i can try and find any hints on looking after it when i do get one   hopefully cheers 

Brown turkey is the one to go for. Either in a large pot or in a large hole in the ground. You are supposed to restrict its roots and I grew one successfully man years ago. I put slabs around and inside a well excavated hole, maybe a metre deep and across. Instead of a poor gravel mix I mixed compost with my free draining sandy loam as backfill. It fruits at joints and needs to be in as sunny and warm position as possible. Nice looking plant without fruiting too. I'm in the south qest
(continuing). the south west, Cornwall, where it is mild but you should do well in Wales.

nice one many thanks for that folks Turkey it is then ,,hope its sunny



4711, have you been to Farmyard Nursery in Llandysul?  No shortage of good advice there.  I like the fact you said the climate was wet - ISH in West Wales. That amused me! 

 I had an excellent Brown Turkey growing against a west-facing wall here in West Wales.

I suggest you get your hands on a RHS fruit book.  There are quite a lot of things that have to be done for a fig tree.  Pinching out shoots, removing dead figlets,feeding, etc.


welshonion u got to remember im a northener from the midlands and since iv been here the suns been doing a miners, so  wet it is then so far, but what a lovely place and im amazed at how friendly people are here in Tenby, so all your advice im going to follow  many thanks and good luck


You should be fine in sunny Tenby.  I'm a bit north of you overlooking the Preselis. The extra altitude makes a difference.

Farmyard Nurseries have a website and I think they are outside M&S in Carmarthen on a Wednesday.

They are well worth a trip up to Llandysul at the weekend, perhaps.

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