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Hi all, 

Now that things are starting to bloom I'm wondering if some more of the plants in my new garden are weeds or not. Can you help ID the below? Thanks!

1. This one is pretty, but it's encroaching on some other plants.

 2. This one is taking over my beds, so I am thinking it's a weed?

 3. Am looking mainly for an ID on the large-leaved plant in the middle please.

 4. This popped up near the conservatory wall a couple weeks ago.



It's only a weed if you don't like it. 

The first is a geranium, but I don't know which one

2 is Lamium maculatum, borderline weed for me, there are nicer ones

3, which plant?

4 is a dicentra.


Is no.2 a dead nettle? 



Thanks all!

nutcutlet - you are right about the weed comment. i actually like most of the plants in my garden, even the "weedy" ones. I'm just worried about invasive plants that should be controlled. For example, the Lamium plant is starting to take over!

Ryan Lloyd - do you think it could be an Arum Lilly? I really like this plant, but someone said it could be very poisonous and I have dogs and a toddler. 


Yes, Zantedeschia, although it might not be. I believe they are poisonous, and can cause itching or burning. It may be an idea to remove it, they're actually quite expensive plants! 


Cheryl, another taker over is in the pic behind the Zantedeschia. The one with the blue flowers, that's why I asked which plant for 3. It's green alkanet, Pentaglossis sempervirens. Seeds a lot and very deep rooted. Lovely though.

re the Zantedeschia,  It looks as though it's well to the back of thegarden. Can you make it inaccessible til the toddler is older?



Lamium does spread, we have so much and it's all wild. Apparently you can divide it early spring or autumn 


1. geranium

2. lamium

3. zantadeschia - big white arum lily

4. dicentra - bleeding heart

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