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Ok, I don't have a leaf as they're all rather high up, but thought I'd ask if anyone can help identify this please? The neighbour is under the impression it's a Tree of Heaven, but reading the description doesn't sound like this at all (no suckering, no smell).

Any ideas?


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Sorry...need a few good close ups...leaves/flowers/seed pods.

Cannot see enough detail from your general shot.

Please can you add to this thread.


Can't see from the picture as it's too far away but the habit makes me think it might be koelreuteria paniculata. Have a look and see what you think.



Thanks, I got the pole pruner out and snipped a twig, any use? 


I still don't know what this tree is but I have some better pictures of leaves now...can anyone help? 



The bark and the leaves both look like it is Ailanthus  Altissima, Tree of Heaven. Would be good to have a pictue of the tree now. 


No idea why it's posting sideways! 

I do wish it was something nicer, and I don't want to lose the height by replacing it with something else that will take a decade to grow large.

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That is a tall tree. It does look like the tree, but a bit more finer looking than the ones I am used to seeing. So not totally sure now. Hopefully other more experienced members on here can comment later.

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