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Could anyone tell me what flower this is? I thought maybe it's a pansy, but the only ones I know I've seen before seem larger than this and have multiple colours. The leaves in shot are also from this plant. It's only just flowered in the last day or two:



That looks like an eschscholtzia, Californian poppy. Annual, will self seed if you let it


yes I agree with nutcutlet & they do spread if you let then


Thanks very much!

Do these come in multiple colours, or should I also expect different shapes, sizes and heights?

Also, are there any tips for making the most out of trying to get this flower to spread next year? It's growing in the ground, but I'd like to have a few pots growing them in the future.


Not much different in sizes but there are other colours. I think orange is the basic colour and whites, pinks, yellows have been bred. Some are nice, I like the orange best



If it's anything like my yellow ones you need have no fear of a shortage of future plants.  Like my pink (proper) geraniums they will spring up just anywhere.  The poppies will produce seed heads, let them mature and then put them in a pot. And no, the orange ones produce orange ones and the yellow ones produce yellow ones.

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