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Can anyone identify these 2 shrubs please, I don't know how or when to prune.  (1) small pointed leaves which turn red later in the year, large clusters of tiny white buds which open to tiny bright yellow flowers. (2) copper branches and leaves and tiny pink bell like flowers.  Can I post photos of them on this site.


Click on the tree icon- next to ABC on message- bar.


They sound like Berberis varieties to me. Please do post pics.

 Thanks for the help with uploading, I thought Berberis were prickly.


This is the shrubs which has red leaves in winter


The first one looks like an Abelia most have scented flowers and some red foliage in autumn.


The second one could be a type of Nandina domestica - perhaps Richmond.

Thank you Lunarz, yes it does look like Nandina from the picture on the plant finder, I can't find any reference to Abelie for the first photo.of the first shrub..

If you search wikipedia they have a couple of pictures as does BBC Gardening plantfinder it could be any  species but probably Abelia chinensism hope this helps.

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