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mucked that up! new to the site. can anyone identify this plant for me never seen it before. berries worry me because my grand children play in the garden.





looks like iris foetidissima


Its Iris 

foetidissima, the berries are poisonous.




Easily solved. just cut them off. Dead head the flowers when they fade and you won't get the seed pods.

Lion S

 They look like  the berries of Iris foetidissima. Also known as the Stinking Iris. The berries are poisonous but the flowers aren't. I'd get rid of those berries if the grandchildren are still small.


Yes, just chop the berries off and you're sorted. Make sure none drop off in the process, as they are designed to!

Many thanks for your help,will nip them off in the morning,think i will keep the plants though the area its in needs brightening up. 


The seed pods are often dried for flower arrangements. The flowers are not showy like the berries.


I put them in a Christmas decoration one year, they looked really good.

I didn't eat them

knowing how my grandkids eat their not coming near the house,they do look very festive though

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