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As an aside, I wonder if anyone has ever looked at a forum thread and posted, oi, that's my old garden you are talking about!!!



I wouldn't admit it unless everyone was admiring it

ah,the previous owner wasnt a gardener. And my taste in plants is hardly an insult, I think. Its just my personal taste. But yes  I suppose, its not flattering.


I will use that link when I remove shrubs. And yes, that lilly was all flowers this year. You can see the flower stalk in the picture. I think there was 4 or 5 flowers.


Am I mad?


It's your garden now. You can do what you like. 

and if you don't like it afterwards, you can always rip it out and have another go.

Enjoy yourself.

I agree, The previous owner has a lovely new home too.


Lots of colour and hopefully some happy butterflies and birds. 

That will keep me happy. Lots to consider now, everyone has been great here. Thank you.



Choisya is a nice plant, and has small white flowers 2-3 times during the year and smells like oranges, good for flower arranging too. Freegle is a good idea for the plants you don't want.


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