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Found this unknown plant/weed in my garden today, anyone any ideas please.

Many Thanks


Will try photo again.......


Difficult to say - leaves look like Azalea/Rhoddie.

Neither any of them, it seems to be growing wild. The fruit on it is very unusual and is only about 1cm in size.



Perhaps a bit more information then willie. Is that the fruit in the photo? When does it flower, what do the flowers look like. How big is the plant? Is it a shrub, perennial, annual? 

Where is it growing, dry soil, damp?shade?.

 Have you say over about 2 years ago added another woodland shrub in that area?

The shrub in the right hand bottom corner looks like an azalia .The shrub / plant with the flower/ fruit  could have been with the compost if you have recently  put in the azalia  Leaves remind me of a skimmia - Im curiose now please send additional info please ?

Just a thought , If the red is the fruit  and it turns black , gets soft and squashy it could be a bilbury - BUT if you take some to a nursery which sells fruit trees and the like , then they may be  able to help

I think it's a gaultheria

I think that spelling's wrong!

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