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Samie Cain

hi, i have had my garden for almost 4 years this plant pictured has been there all this time but this year has gone crazy , it must be due to the rotted manure i put on the roses next to it last year !!! but it wonderful for a short time then almost disappears , someone suggested it may be a skunk cabbage but i cant a similur one pictured ! the roses next to it are very old original to my victorian house i have been told ! The garden was in a state when i bought the house and have tried to keep the bones as much as possible, but this plant has me straching my head !!!

 many thanks 


British wild flower, Arum maculatum known as  Lords and ladies. The central bit develops into  a spike of red berries.

Samie Cain

Oh thank you so much Figetbones ! 


My pleasure. I have a good crop this year, creeping in from the old orchard next door.


do however be careful if there are kiddiwinkles about - those beautiful red berries are poisonous. 



Careful with pets too.

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