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Hello there, my mum recently gave me this plant with no idea what it is or how to care for it. Any ideas? It looks very bushy in the photos, but it's being contained a bit by twine; otherwise I think it would be more wild and spread out. Thank you!!




It's a plumbago. They grow wild in the Mediteranean and reach quite asize there. Not hardy in this country.

the flowers look like a nicotiana but not sure if they grow that big

It,s a Plumbago auriculata otherwise known as Plumbago capensis (so must come from South Africa). I'd treat it like those pot grown summer jasmines. I don't think that you can kill it, whatever you so, unless you over water it in winter.


I bet I could kill it wb. I'm the kiss of death to anything that can't look after itself outside all year



Hi Cait, it is indeed a plumbago. It enjoys a nice sunny place outside in summer and plenty of water and a feed every couple of weeks. Before the first frost, cut it down by 2/3rds and put it in a frostfree place, if you've got a conservatory, so much the better. It will loose all its leaves but once you start watering again around March/April, it will spring back to life. Give it the odd SMALL drop of water every couple of weeks or so, so that it does dry out completely. Cut the dead flowers off to keep it flowering, wear rubber gloves if you don't like getting sticky fingers and enjoy the lovely blue flowers!

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