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About a month ago I planted seeds I purchased as part of a cheap discount store grow-your-own venus flytrap kit. Four shoots promptly emerged but it transpired, upon speaking with flytrap experts on another forum, that my plants are not flytraps at all. I have no idea what they are (I'm a complete novice) and wondered if anyone could help me.

The four  shoots are all 3-4 weeks old, and there is a small one just visible in the middle just came up yesterday. The second photo is a close-up of the tallest plant, which is about an inch high and has recently grown a third, different shaped leaf projecting up on a thin stem as well as another shoot coming up from the centre. This could well be a different species from the rest. I had initally thought this third leaf was  the 'trap' part of the venus flytrap but was told this is not the case!

Sara 4

All emergent seedlings look exactly the same to me I'm afraid - the greenhouse is full of things which I may or may not have planted and I have to wait until they turn into a fully fledged plant/weed before I stand a chance of recognising them.  And then it isn't a very good chance ...


I'd be inclined to look after these as thoyugh they are VFTs Chompy. That true leaf looks as though it's developing something round the edge. wait a bit and give us another look. It may be some other carnivorius plant wrongly named. As Sara says it's difficult. I recognise seedlings of things I've grown (not VFT) but not otherwise

I all, it's about 3 weeks since my initial post and here's what the plants look like now. There are 4 plants which appear to all be the same and 1 plants which I moved to a different pot as it is a different species. Any help identifying them?

I think the individual plant got a bit sunburnt (its newer leaves on the left are fine since I took it out of direct sunlight) I don't think it's naturally varigated. I left it in direct sunlight as this is what's recommended for venus flytraps but I think it took its toll. Seems to be surviving though.






They all look like weeds to me  Certainly not VFT's and don't look like any other carnivorous plant I know.

Yeah I thought as much. I certainly think the top one is a weed, and clover sprang to mind too

So I got rid of the clover and kept the other ones, this is what they look like now. Any guesses? Are they just weeds?


not a clue chompy. Never seen anything like that

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