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I have moved to a new home which has an amazing garden. I am trying to identify all the plants but I am stuck on this one. Well actually it is two, there is a different plant growing in the middle of it and I stuck working that one out too. It could be a weed for I know!

Does anyone know what bush this is?

close up of leaves

the plant in the middle?

 Thank you for your help.



I'd have said your 'plant in the middle' is a rodgersia

 but it might be a sweet chestnut sown by a squirrel or jay.  If you've got other sweet chestnuts in the area then it's likely to be that - but it does look like a rodgersia to me, but what it's doing stuck i n amongst the other shrub,(which I don't recognise) I can't imagine - it would be a strange bit of garden design 

It does look like your photo of a rodgersia. There are lots of trees and wildlife in the area so It probably has been sown by nature! My next door neighbour has a shrub growing by their chimney and I'm pretty sure they didn't plant it there.

i woudl say the second it a chestnut tree.. the leaves are not pointy enough and have 5 per stem.. for a rodgersia..


the first one looks like a Round Leaf Eucalyptus.. but not sure...



My rodgersia has varied numbers of leaflets.

But as I said, despite that my thought is that it's position makes it could well be a chestnut, planted by a squirrel or a jay - we have a lot of sweet chestnut trees in the grounds at work, and lots springing up in flower tubs, flower beds and in the lawn every spring because of Nature's little gardeners  

It would be easier to tell if we could feel the leaves, as the sweet chestnut leaves are smoothr than rodgersia.


Just felt the leaves and they are smooth, also I have a park opposite the front of my house and I realised this morning that some of the trees have exactly the same leaves. One has conkers growing on it so is definitely a Horse Chestnut! 

The main bush being a Eucalyptus makes total sense. The leaves are quite rubbery. Just got to work out which one but at least I know what to look up now.

Thank you for all you help

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