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Does anyone have any idea what these plants could be? Just bought a house and found them in the garden

Thnaks for the help




Lion S

Photo 1 + 2 look like runners from Syringa vulgaris, Lilac. 


In pic 2 is the leaf a part of the plant or just stuck there? If it's the plant could you spread it out and take a photo.

I think 1&2 are the same as well.

3 is a dead annual and I can't ID it


The 2nd, if it is an upright plant, is budding like my tree peony.


Maybe not looking at pic one.


1st one looks like a foxglove

2nd looks like a sycamore sapling

3rd is a skeleton of a dead plant



Good point Daintiness, which plant are we looking at in 1. I was looking at the tree/ shrub seedling.

It does look a bit like sycamore but the scars from annual growth, can't remember the name, suggest something slower growing


LOL - never noticed the escapee coming around the plastic! Definitely something you don't want where it is growing at any rate...


Get it out asap, it will be very difficult to get out later


There's something alive beside the dead one as well but I can't see what that is.


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