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This flower was given from my friend a year ago. I plant it and I don't know what it is or how the flower is shaped. But after the flower was bloom, I realize that it's beautiful. Now I need some help to identify this flower so I can search on the internet about how to care of it in a better way. Thank in advance





Have you tried google goggles, haven't used it myself cos I'm on an iPad. Basically, you put your picture into it and it comes back with possible matches. Let me know how you get on, thanks.
Ps just do a search for google goggles and you should find the site

It would be easier if we could see the leaves as well.  Can you post a nother photo?

flowering rose

jersey lily,I had one brought back from there .


I think it may be a house plant, hippeastrum or nerine, is it a large bulb?



Your plant is a Crinum - I have a dark pink one; beautiful!


Daintiness is correct, it is a crinum.

Could be a Nerine. Mum has some in her garden and they are very similar. Did it grow from a bulb?

Yes, it's a crinum. I grew it from a bulb, it's pretty big. Thank you to all friends, i appreciate your help.

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