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I'd like some suggestions on which plants to choose for the two terracotta planters ive just bought. They are going to help frame my front door and compliment my new block paved driveway.

They are in a north facing shaded aspect, which only gets sun for a short time in the evening. But as you can see from the photo, the little bit of sun they will get is dappled by the shadow cast by a neighbours tree. This photo was taken about 6:30pm, click on it to enlarge...

 I did consider Box pyramids, but I think even Box likes some sun. Something that grows about 3ft tall would look good, but I realise that the shaded aspect means I may have to settle for something like Hostas or ferns?  Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks


They are lovely pots  I have Goldcrest conifers in the front garden which is north facing and they do o.k. They are a lovely lime green colour so look fresh all year round

Pam x


I think ferns are an awesome suggestion made by yourself. You can get incredible specimens or make up a collection with some trailing maiden's hair?


Camellias, evergreen and scented.


Thanks for the suggestions. Seeing as the pots are positioned up against the house they may not catch all the rain, but Ive done some searching on the Crocus website and ive found Dryopteris wallichiana fern which grows to 1m tall and tollerates dry shade. Sounds ideal?

 Perhaps underplanted with a smaller fern like Athyrium niponicum var. pictum (Japanese painted fern)

 But I guess ive missed my opportunity for this sumer, perhaps I ought to think about planting it up for a winter display as well?



I have geraniums (not the houseplant) in mine. You get lots of nice colours and heights.

I have just made a shady small bed at the back of my shed. I ordered plants from

Long Acre Plants found the website realy helpfull.


Thats a useful link, thanks.

I have the same problem.    A tub with a Goldcrest conifer does give a lovely splash of bright green.    Two tubs in the shade are planted with tulips for the spring, and geraniums for the summer - and both flower well.    I also have two hanging baskets which don't get any sun at all!   These are filled with the usual geraniums, fuschias, verbenas, petunias, lobelia, etc.    I get round the lack of sun by having two baskets on the back wall which get sun all day long (when we are lucky enough to have any!).   Each week I take the baskets down to dead-head them and then put them back again the other way around.   So each basket gets a week of sun followed by a week of shade!      They look great!     I guess you could also do this with tubs, but they would be heavier to move.   Hope this helps.

Bee friendly
I have Hebes in mine and when they flower they look gorgeous but they can get a bit rampant.

I think im going to either plant them up with either ferns or geraniums, or possibly something from the list on this link which shows plant for dry shade...

It would be nice to also lift the plants out in Autumn and plant with something else for winter display, then swap back over in spring?


Well despite having spent a few days researching ferns & hostas, I found myself at my local Dobbies garden centre and by chance I saw some black barrel planters which I thought would really suit  the front of my house. Nearby they had some Hydrangea Koria on display, their lable stated they like either a little morning or evening sun. They looked like they would complemont the planters perfectly, so I bought them. They should mature to a perfect size...




Your tubs look great.    I have a hydrangea in a tub about the same size.   It has been there for several years, and flowers abundantly.    It does like a lot of water, though.

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