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As Title I have a sma Yuacca tree, in my bedroom, it is not ideal conditions, as it dosent get a lot of light but its never overwatered and is left to dry out between watering.

The Problem is it is looseing leaves from the bottem upwards at a very fast rate, they turn yellow and then rown then dry up and fall down but dont fall off.

The rest of the leraves still look fine and the tips are mostly green with only very slight browniong at the very tip.

I assumed it was a light issue but I know Yuaccas like strong light but can live well without direct light (I get indirect bright light in the morning for a short time aka sunrise, then once the sun has lifted above the house i just get very little light but its never in shadow.)


However just now i have noticed tiny (1-3mm) white bugs, look like small spiders with less legs, they are almost translucent but i dont want to get to close XD!


I dont have anyware to put my plant were it can get more light, I cheack my plant everyday and not noticed these before today? WTF? could these be the reason it is dyeing, 

I have not cheacked the roots or soil but I will likly repot with come fast draining soil, but i want to get rid of the Bugs first.

I am used to black flys and know they are not pests just from soil, when i used to have a money tree but these are diffrent and are on the leaves and stay in the middle of the plant?


What can I do?


sorry for being vauge if you need more inform nation please ask.


I got this plant as I just cant seem to keep my plants alive! and this look like a nice simple one.


I have had from cactus (died from a bug infestation that i could not see at the roots) 

Bromeliads (I did not know how to lookafter them anbd they are tricky ones.)

I still have two moeny trees but one died from overwatrering! OOPS!

As you can see I SUCK at keping plants and should proberly be kept away from them =(




I'm the kiss of death to a houseplant Anthony. There's always something ready to eat them and if not there's always over and under watering. Or too hot/cold. Or too much sun/too dark. I don't have any now

Those are probably whitefly you've got there. 


Your plant will not do well in unsuitable conditions and this will make it more susceptible to the attacks of bugs and insects.

There are houseplants which would be happy in the shadier conditions that you have - aspidistra is one, Monstera deliciosa aka Swiss Cheese Plant is another.  Spider plants Chlorophytum comosum will also be happy there and will improve the air quality which will be good in your bedroom.   If I were you I'd try some of these.

Good luck 


Probably the result of prolonged etiolation and mealie infestation. It's probably easiest to get a new one.

ok thx guys ill look for one that preferes less bright conditionsd, id like to try and save it, maby move it downstairs if possable but not sure theres much room.


its only lost about 4 leaves, it lost one and i though it was a fluke, the last three happend really quickly and fith is on its way.

it looks pretty healthy on the rest of the leaves, im not sure what your first thing means cactctus dan?


Its a pretty new plant and am surpirssed it has a infestatiuon, it must have had it when it arrived as i have had it less than 3 mounths.


Here are some Photos, I could not get any closer without bluring with my point and shoot (DSLR was in use) but I dont think there whitefly or mealy bugs?

Anyone know what they are?


From what I've read, it is normal for Yuccas to loose bottom leaves. But it does need lots of light, best spot appears to be about 3 meters from a window, and can be put outside in Spring/Summer, starting in a shady place and gradually moving it to a more sunny spot.

If infected with bugs or mites, spraying a soapy mixture of water and dish soap over the plant usually does the trick.

I have 4 yuccas in my conservatory and they all drop yellowed leaves from the bottom of each branch so that is quite normal.

I wouldn't know what the bugs are, or whether they are responsible for the leaves dropping in your case.

If you are worried, you could always snap off one of the unaffected branches where it joins the main trunk, stick it in some compost and you have a fair chance that it will grow if you give it the right conditions. My yuccas are quite old and love the light that the conservatory gives them.

Thank you everyone, as per the above lancashire Las, it only has one brance but has some buds that could turn into new brances/sets of leafs.

I am going to give it a wash in some soap and also clean the roots and then rinse with clean water to make sure all and any bugs are gone then replant with fresh compost and see if that helps, I am going to try to find more light as well if I can.

Will any fast draining compost be ok? 

All I have is this and will use this i guess its better than infected compost, hope it will be ok/


Plants from garden centres or b&q are often infested with mealy bug when you buy them. The eggs are too small to spot, kill them with methylated spirits dabbed on with a cotton bud

Hi anthony

i used to get those small flies on the soil of my plants,,

 then i covered the soil with small gravel ( from the petshop for fish tanks.)

and water at the bottom of the pot.

that cured it .... good luck


Yuccas can do quite well in low light conditions if kept dry as you say you do. They are rarely subject to bugs as the leaves are so tough, although scale can be a problem, and as Dove says, poorly plants are more susceptible. Yiu don't need a specialist compost, but free draining is best. If you already have some allpurpose compost (a john innes is best as Yuccas can become top heavy), add some perlite to it before repotting. (b&q, ebay, amazon, etc). 1 part to 5-6 parts compost should be enough, less for JI, more for multipurpose. Although I am now an organic gardener, we used provado bug killer to great effect at work, even for 25' ficus trees. it can be watered into the compost as well. not the aerosol, the concentrate. (again, ebay/amazon) Do not use when compost is dry, it needs to be dampish, but not too wet, either. 

Have just looked at your pics. although not clear, the bugs look like an aphid of some description. Squish any you see! And although yuccas do naturally lose basal leaves regularly (it is how they gain their trunk), yours has a distinctly over-watered look. Both over- and under-watering can look similar, until you see them side by side. As it is quite a new plant, i woild suggest that it was already suffering from over-watering and poor conditions before you bought it., and it looks as though the small branch has died.

HOWEVER, if you can be bothered, all is not lost!

Remove it from it's pot IMMEDIATELY! Tease out old compost and dead rotten roots (if it smells rotten when you do this, don't despair, there may still be a chance if you can see some live, white roots, or if a broken older root is sill white inside.) Then rinse as much of the old compost as you can away from the rootball with a shower spray or tap, using tepid water so as not to cause more shock. While you wait for your small bag of perlite (or vermiculite if no perlite) to arrive, let the roots dry out almost completely.

A few days later, the perlite has arrived! Now put some perlite into a small bag, soak the roots, let them drain for a minute, then put them into the bag, hold tightly around the stem, and shake as if seasoning a chcken breast! the perlite will stick to the wet roots. Take the plant carefully from the bag and set aside. Mix the perlite remaining in the bag with compost (as above but absolute accuracy not neccessary, but too much perlite and the yucca will just fall over) and re-pot your yucca in the same pot. (you cleaned it while waiting for the perlite!)

Now, and this is important. DO NOT WATER your newly potted yucca until the leaves start to look a little dull. A week or two. It had clean fresh water twice. Now it has a compost mix that is (or should be, if fresh) a little damp. The point of all of this is to let the roots recover from being wet. When they dried, this killed some of the organisms that caused the rot. Clean water has washed some away, hopefullly, along with any bug eggs or larvae in the compost. 

When you do water your yucca again, do it gently and sparingly with tepid water. Do not soak the compost yet, not until it is showing signs of strong growth from the top, or makes a new bud from the trunk. Keep it in a warm bright place, out of direct sunlight until it has recovered. Then as much light as possible. Never pull dead leaves, always cut them close to the trunk. The last bit will fall off when it is ready.

Hope I've answered your questions! Incidentally, most of what I have told you came from a fuchsia grower, but I have found it to help many poorly, over-wet plants, including yuccas.

As it is such a small plant, if you want to do the above, I will happily send you some perlite or vermiculite, and a small amount of ready-mixed compost that I use, if you promise to keep me posted with results. Although many gardeners would just thro

GardenJeannie (and everyone) there is some good news and some bad news, overly ites better than i thought it would be though.

Since my last reply i hadent done anything about it (xmas time + work experiance) and i watched on sadly as it lost more leaves. 

totaly its lost maby 5 leaves from the bottem and working upwards, and two are yellowings but not gone brown.

so i decided todays to get on and see if maby it was saveable, i hate to just throw away plants unless they really are at deaths door, and as this is currently my ownly house plant I realy did not want to lose it. (plenty in the gardern but  parents look after that, i dont own any of the plants ect its there garden)

However i have got to a point were I am not sure what to do next. (I will upload a photo of it in its current state in a bit.)

I have taken it out of its pot, and with some soap and water thougrly washed the leaves and can see no sign of the pests, whatever they were, and have also removed all of the compost from the roots (well as much as possable without removeing the remaining roots.)

i have made sure there is no soap residue to cuase any harm, i have cut off any dead leaves and left the two yellow ones (there only yellow in the middle.) in the hope that they might recover.

i have ended up removeing the soild and washing the roots with water and makeing sure there was no soap on them afterwards watsoever, i feared the worst, rotten roots and all dead.

However this has no been the cases, there was lots of white roots, however i have lost about 1/3 or more of them whilst removeing the soil, oops =(

no sign of rot and the soil was not even more than slightly damp, NO rot or smells, no sign of bugs, the only issue was there were some rather thick woody roots, but these surrport the small white roots so have left them on, but have untangled some of them as it seems my plant was pot bound and the roots were in a circle at the bottem, i have trimmed them back a bit to exspose some withe roots as well.

so far i have healhy rooots yay!

so dont think this has been over watwering although it may have been as when i watered it i did soak it and then let it dry then soak it again, maby i should only make it damp and not soak it?

after unpotting and remvoing soil and cleaning leaves i can see no signs of rot, the trunk it NOT spongy, still nice hand hard, even at the bottem were the roots are.

there were no signs of bugs in the soild and i cant see any on the leaves anymore (I hope there are not anywayss.)


I am not sure what to do next though, it currently sits in a bucket in my room wunplanted so it can dry out.

I dont have any compost other than a cactus mix should i just plant it now today? or what?

I wont be able to get any perlight or anything like that, no money at this time of year.

how long should i leave it to dry out be fore repotting? How do i stop it getting bugs again, how do i water it, as it wont have optimal conditions, theres not a topn of airflow in my room and not much sun eather, its normaly warm though around 14-18 degrres depending on time of day and if heating is on or not.


sorry for this short novel of a post, any help is much aprecatied as is all the already given help thx.




Here is how it is now, looking sorry for itself =(

It has this cap of wax on it? What is it about / for, should I take it off?

Here are the roots as of now.


p.s I dont know what you mean by "it looks like the small branch is dead?"

as it only has the one branch with leaves unless you meant the small buds which some of them are dead.




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