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Hi, Please help me name my beautiful big plant, we moved to a new house in april, with a very large garden, lots of new & exciting plants, trees & flowers. we are intending to take a full year before making any changes because we are getting surprizes every week. this is the latest. I have searched the internet & can't find anything like it.

Flowering started about a week ago, the whole shrub is around about 3ft tall & some of the flower buds are well over a ft. the backside of the main flower is green. I do hope one of you out there can help.

Thank you Kim



Hi, you have a Dranunculus vulgaris (Voodoo Lily or Dragon Arum).  You can find more about it here

It is an absolutely fabulous plant - you are very lucky.  There is one drawback and that is it will smell absolutely foul for about 24 hours when it is ready for pollination, but that will pass.

The previous owner of your garden must have been really into gardening - I think you're right to wait and see what happens - you're probably in for lots of lovely surprises.


Thank you Dovefromabove, Had a feeling it was from the lilly family. I have about 2 acres of trees, shrubs & lawns. never managed so much. I think I have a bit of work on my hands.


Wow!  How lucky are you!!!   Whereabouts (roughly) are you?  What sort of soil/temp/surroundings etc?


Hi Dove, Lincolnshire 7miles from Skegness, Garden has an orchard, a wooded area, lawns & a small paddock. Flat land around us, but garden is sheltered by trees, soil is lovely dark & rich. It's been let go & for the last 9 wks I have been out there every day. pulling nettles etc. & just trying to bring order to it. When something new flowers, it's a wonderful feeling. Thanks for your intrest.


Good luck with your new garden Kim, sounds fab. Keep us up to date with all your new finds.

Hi Kim, my OH is from the Stamford area of Lincs.  Isn't it great to have such good soil - my MIL's garden soil is fab.  We moved here last summer - the garden's nothing like as bit as yours but had been neglected for approx 20 years, and ivy was up in the eaves of the house, as well as all over virtually the whole garden.  We've done a lot of digging out over the past year, and at last it's looking a bit more like a garden, but we don't have your acreage - two acres of aborial ivy would have been a bit too much to take on 

Please keep on letting us know how your garden grows  

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