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 Can anybody help me with a name for this plant?


not a good photo, but could be a variegated weigela. is this just a cutting? have you got a picture of the whole plant? ie is it a shrub or what

Yes it is a cutting but i can get a photo of full bush later in the week. i have just googled the name you gave me and it is does look like the shrub very much. thank you again.


Looks like weigela.

I took cuttings last June. They produced a mass of flowers this year and plenty of new growth - some of the easiest to grow cuttings I've ever tried, though the hydrangea cuttings I took at the same time have just begun to flower. Bit of a contest going on there.



Hallo Lordswood, how/where (i.e. which part of plant) did you take the weigelia cuttings? Thanks for info in advance.



Use unflowered, new shoots, when they start to stiffen  Ie semi ripe.  You can also use this method for Philadelphus, and spirea, and buddleas


Thanks fidget, will give it a go.

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