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green fingered finch

Hi, we have lots of plants and shrubs that we can't identify. We have managed to find out what many of them are but some are still eluding us. They are probably really common and embarassingly easy to identify.. but not to me! 


Can anyone help? 




Bottom one looks like some kind of azalea to me....or small rhododendron type thing?


The first one looks a bit like Physocarpus -maybe Darts Gold


The middle one is Eleagnus ebbingeii. Lovely scented flowers in autumn

Lion S

The second one is Elaeagnus x ebbengei. I think Lilylouise is right by saying it's Ph. opulifolius 'Darts gold'.


green fingered finch

Wow! You lot are clever Looking at more google images of the 1st and 2nd I'd say they are exactly what they are. 


As for the 3rd pic, the pink flowered one, the plant is really small, about 18 inches high in total with small flowers about the size of a penny... if that helps.

green fingered finch

I don't think its currant blueboots. Think Lilylouise was right.


I would say the 3rd one is an azalea. The sudden taller growth out of the top is puzzling. I wonder if it is from the original root stock as opposed to the dwarfing one the plant must have been grafted on.

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