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I have been out in the garden today restoring order, including cutting back and extraordinary tangle of dead branches and shoots muddled up with the rambler I am retying to its supports.

It has stout pithy stems, reminiscent of elder, mid-green leaves, some of which have survived the winter, and in October, when I moved in, it still had loose sprays of small white flowers.

It's multi-stemmed and is coming up in the border, from INSIDE the wall it's growing against and appears to be shooting from a buried stem almost like a runner. Most extraordinary is the way it's roted itself into the wall where there are loose stones, about seven feet up. 

Any ideas?

It sounds as if it could be jasmine, but maybe someone else has a better answer.

It's not Jasmine (I have yet to tackle the horror that is the overgrown jasmine jungle). If I get time I wil upload a pic tomorrow. Thanks anyway.

If it was flowering in October, it's possibly the white flowered version of Solanum.

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