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Can anyone tell me what this is? 

 Is is friend or foe?  I didn't buy it, but might have been given it.  I also found some growing out of my path today a lot further up the garden.  It might be good in for a container display for a bit of height at the back.  But if it's a self-seeding, thuggish invader then I'll just get rid.  Grateful for any ideas.


Realised last pic was a bit small so here's a larger version, sorry it's on it's side.

Sorry, can't tell from pic. Need close-up. You may just have to wait and see what it does come Aug/Sep - traditionally when grassy things show their hand and flower.


DaisyHC, I can't enlarge it.



I can't enlarge the photo (all i get is HTML code for some reason) but it looks like a 'marsh grass'

I get it popping up here and there, it doesn't appear to 'do' anything other than remain as it is, and when it forms a big clump it's difficult to shift, so I get rid of it when I see it coming up

good luck!


Hmm that could be it.  The stems are cylindrical.  I'll chuck it then.  Back to planting proper plants!  Thanks very much Peetey


You're welcome

I left a clump many yrs ago as i thought it may turn out to be nice - it didn't, and took ages to clear it.

You've made the right choice!

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