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Hi all

can someone give me an idea of what the plant/weed is below ?



Might be a daylily, if it's a weed it's not one I know


Looks a bit like blubells.

Nut, do you think the leaves look a bit narrow for day lily, mine are much wider and much paler


if it helps folks it's 18 inches tall at the mo, don't know if it's a weed or not


Lyn. Maybe. It was that slightly grey/green look that made me think daylily.

Photos are so deceptive aren't they? we wouldn't have any problem telling a bulb from a daylily in the garden


the Dwarf form day lillies do have narrower leaves if that is any help........easing the plant up from the soil would give an idea


18 inches tall rules out blue bells.back to you!


Perhaps you could dig a bit up and show us what the root looks like.

Green Fingered Mikey

I thought Crocosmia does look simular to some i am growing has it ever flowered ? mine blooms really nice orange flowers,might also help identifying by checking to see if it has bulb or root ?

think its too early for daylilly or crocosmia but might be iris

My crocosmia are between 4 and 8 inches tall at the mo, although I'm in the SE and they're the wild orange ones. The leaves look a bit lighter than those, but right shape.

Orchid Lady

I posted a pic of my plant that looks the same a few weeks ago and was told Day Lily, which when I googled it. I agree with as I have seen the flowers but couldn't remember what they looked like!!  It has grown quite a lot in the last few weeks and I expect yours will have too.  Very pretty in the summer 

Heather Michaels

Nick it looks suspiciously like the "unidentified" I have growing in my garden too! Posted a thread on here yesterday. Said plant hereto remains unidentified lol I'm hoping its a Day Lily. I've decided to wait until next spring when it starts to poke through again and relocate it and hopefully, finally, I'll see some flowers which will make identification soo much easier!

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