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Can anyone help me with the name of the plant in the pic?



Centranthus ruber, known as valerian. It likes a sunny place and the bees and butterflies love it


It is a dreadful weed.  Deadhead it as soon as it starts to go over.  DO NOT let it self seed.  And beware it will grow between cracks in paving and the side of buildings, and it can lift paving stones.  I have none in my garden anymore, unfortunately my neighbours do, I have zero tolerance with the seedlings.  You will learn to dread the sight of it, I promise you.



I used to refer to it as "stinky root weed" until I knew it's name. When you pull it up or have to dig it out it smells horrid. It took me 3 years to get rid of it in a border.

It does look attractive and you get many different shades of flowers and as Nut says bees love it, but I don't give it a home and provide bees & butterflies with other plants.


Orchid Lady

I'm glad I didn't reply first now, I was so excited because I thought I had got one right.......I was wrong, I even been to get the plant label to post the proper name  Leave it for the experts I think 


OL, we are all learning...and I expect you could teach us a thing or two!

Orchid Lady

Mmmmmmmm.....don't think so but that you Artjak  I actually thought it was a lilac that I have.


Dreadful weed?  I love it.

Janet  Rodway

Maybe a weed to some but it is food to the Honeybees, Bumblebees & Butterflies and they need all the help they can get. If they go so do we.


I spent about 4 years getting rid of these seedlings


They do take over, but I think they look very pretty and come in quite a few colours. Just pull out the ones you don't want. The wildlife like em, look pretty so not all bad.


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