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Okay I have a hydrangea in a clients garden, a mophead, which has been pruned correctly, and sits in a bed with two other hydrangeas both mop heads, and planted in clay and the bed is mulched with bark. This one hydrangea will just not flower. The other two do, prolifically, but this one just will not produce a flower head and hasn't for the past few years. They don't get fed normally but this year I fed the non flowering one some tomato feed for several weeks. It's really healthy but no flowers. The client doesn't mind , but I do. Has anyone got any suggestions?

A decent dose of potash Dave ....not the miniscule amount in tomato feed.  Hydrangeas need more substantial quantities

worked a treat on non fruiting gooseberries a few years back and haven't looked back since 

potash is easily leached from the soil 

i would mulch too with dried manure 

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I'll give anything a try Verdun, and Dove it's been read the riot act more than once and shown the secateurs in my most menacing fashion, not that that's any thing to be scared off, and there's so much s**t at the farm next door going begging it'll get heavy mulch next week. If none of those work, then it's on the death list.

I always thought you were for World peace Dove. Never thought you were a Bouncer☺


What can i say about you Bob, you come over as chllled out . Nothing can ruffle me pipe smoker. Now i know your Norman Bates

And as for you  verdun your an Angel 😇


I agree with Verdun about the potash. I'd also check that the flower buds aren't forming but then getting frosted, e.g. by having the dead heads taken off too soon, and that no-one is pruning at the wrong time.

Beaus Mum

sorry to hijack thread but Verdun please can you tell me, do I apply potash now or next year? 

Beaus Mum

Hi Verdun

please can you come back as need a reply  

I miss you and hope all is well, Happy New year 


No point applying potash at the moment, wait until early summer.

Worth giving a good mulch with some compost in Spring.

Beaus Mum

Brill thank you Punkdoc 

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