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I think this is teasel,not sure please help



Those lower leaves have a hint of evening primrose. 

It isn't prickly.last year it was small with a few leaves,now it is huge.that's why I am thinking teasel,as it seems like a biennial plant.

Has anyone else grown teasel?



Teasels are prickly - very prickly!  It looks as if it won't be long before it flowers, so why not leave it and see what happens - if it's a weed get rid of it before it seeds 

Post a picture for us when it does flower - it'll be good to find out what it is


I agree with nut. It looks like an evening primrose. If it is not peickly it wont be a teasel.


can guarantee not a teasel


Deffo' not teasel. Leaves aren't right.

Yep, looks like Evening Primrose; I bought one years ago and still have loads come up every year, from self-seeding.  Just pull 'em up if unwanted or give seed heads away so friends can enjoy them for years to come.

Warning though, they do grow quite tall!  Lovely perfume, though.

Thanks.I will post a picture when it flowers in about two weeks.I was hoping it was teasel but I will try again this year,I can't seem to grow it.

If it is evening primrose,is it a perennial or biennial?

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