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HELP! plant identifying its ruining my life

Please help see below pictures and they really speak for themselves what the problem is!!!

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Holly 3



 We cut it back over th efence every week in summer and once every 2-3 weks in winter, its relentless, its even swallowed a tree up and killed it and we need to investigate how we can get the owner to clear it up hes refusing to and its bringing vermin and all sorts into the area! But first plleaseee can anyone help me with what it is?

Holly 3

Thank you in advance

Pottie Pam

Hi Holly, I think it's russian vine. It's also know as 'mile a minute vine' and I think you realise why.


Yep. its definetely russian vine.


DA! Pravda say is Russki vino!



Had it at previous house, cut it back to base and and dug it out.


It was up in the eaves and the treetops along with the ivy when we moved here two years ago next month - cut it down to the ground and when it shoots again bruise the leaves and spray with glyphosate.  It will have roots in lots of places as it layers itself, but if you're ruthless it's not too hard to get rid of.  The difficult option is keeping it and keeping it under control!!! 


intead of cutting it back could you put some into a large plastic bag dustbin size and spray with a strong weed killer like a brush wood killer

Hi, Holly...I have the same problem with a neighbours plant  Only this evening, I pulled yards of it off the roof of the shed but it's rapidly climbing up the side of the house. 

A couple of years ago I erected a 6ft high trellis, 1ft in front of the dividing fence, to both hide the fence and create a divide between the neighbours invasive climbers and my plants but the tenticles reach over, and given the chance would start to curl around the plants on the trellis   

If you find a solution please let us know.   

Holly 3

 Thanks everyone great response, tried talking to the neighbour but hes nasty, hes not even too old to clear it up he looks to be 40s?

He comes out with his garden shears and snps anything around his front door then goes back in, its rediculous.

I have sent the pics to the environment agency to see where i am to make him clean it up, as its his I legally cant spray it or cut down to roots. He also leaves his car bumpers and stuff in the garden, old batteries and oil canisters down the side of the house.

Also he has this!



Holly 3

You can actually go on google maps and type in his accress and you can see all of the vine and ivy from space!!! lol

I just read the russian ivy is a close cousin of Jap Knotweed yet not on the Weed act which is annoying, so I dont know where I stand in getting rid of it

Holly 3


 killed the tree underneath!

 Managed to take the shed back today but its so tangled and interwoven on the other dead tree I cant reach it. This year its reacvhed my Butterfly bush on the other side of the garden so I have to work on that now too, next year it will be in MY next door neighbours house.

I had a problem many years ago with an invasive plant from my non-gardening neighbour's garden. I put Glyphosate on every leaf that came over my side. As Glyphosate is a systemic weed killer it goes through the leaves to the root. Looking at those photos I think you'd be justfied in doing that. Nothing wrong with a bit of stealth gardening

I once planted Russian vine - never again!


You say it's attracting rats?  If so you and the neighbours should contact your local Environmental Health Officers. 


Holly- there are laws now about hedges so how about contacting your council and say you have a problem with a neighbouring 'hedge' and see if you can get someone to come out and take a look? Remember that you are entitled to cut down any overhanging stuff that comes into your garden - I think  that lot constitutes overhanging! - and surely if cutting doesn't do the job you'd be entitled to use 'other means' to remove it from your side- ie weedkiller - the strongest you can get hold of!

That's a good point that Dove's making too. Someone who's in a position to do something needs to see what you're dealing with.


Have also had a similar problem with my next door neighbour at our old house. Put glyphosate on the Russian vine while he was at work !!! When he asked I told him it was probably due to the age of the plant and it was just dieing naturally.


Doesn't the law say you can prune any neighbouring plant which overhangs your garden space as long as you give back the prunings to the owner? 

I don't see why you can't spray a menace which is coming over and invading and ruining your garden, especially if you happen to need to spray weeds in your won and his just get in the way because they're invading.    Do it when he's out, although with all those windows covered in Boston creeper I don't see how he could see you at it.    He might however take his revenge later when you do get some good plants of your own in the garden so..........

Take the advice to consult the local environment officer about waste and rubbish and rats too and they may just serve an order on him.  If he doesn't clear it up, they will and they'll send him the bill.

And then spray if you have to.



Holly 3

Thanks everyone will contact my council and let you know as hes started putting rubbish down the side path which is a fire escape to the garden!

anthony mcglen

i feel so sorry for you hope the council can help you

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